Back to Running (and Snow)

So far 2012 has not been a year of running. It started off fine but then I decided not to train for a marathon in the spring and soon my running mileage trickled to less than 10 miles a week. I had some great runs, just not a lot of them. As of my run this morning I am sitting at just shy of 500 miles this year, which is less than half of what I ran last year. I’m not disappointed in my fitness (I have swam and lifted weights more this year than any other) but I would like to have more running in my life. I’ve already made, and not used, two running plans this year but I know that running without one, while fun, isn’t much motivation for me. So, I got out my running plan template, headed over to Hal Higdon’s site and wrote myself a 36 week training plan. Its long but I figured why not get it all done at once?

It’s the start of week 2 and like the plan is supposed to do make me do, I’ve actually been following my workouts. Which is good, because I’ve gone from running on days that look like this (Monday):

And feeling like this:

To waking up on Saturday for my first long (and weekend) run in ages and seeing this:

Now that we’ve got snow and temperatures in the negatives I’m going to need my running plan motivation more than I did in the summer if I ever want to get outside. I’ve been trying to run before work, even though this means being up and running at 5:30 am (and dragging a reluctant Patches with me). I am not a morning runner but getting in my workout before work means that I already have it out of the way before I get home at the end of a long day and decide all I want is a relaxing walk. I’m hoping that the new plan + my new running time make the difference in my running as we head into winter!


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