Blurry Photos of a Dishwasher

If you haven’t heard, we finally installed a dishwasher in our kitchen. It’s been over a decade since I lived anywhere with a working dishwasher and I am really, really excited to no longer have to handwash everything. The dishes look so clean!

Since there has never been a dishwasher in our kitchen Jonny had to start from scratch. He did a pretty awesome job of wiring, plumbing and cutting the space for our new washer. It look a whole Saturday, but we went from this in our living room.

to this in our kitchen.

Jonny just had to spend a little time like this

to get it done but it works, no leaks and went in way easier than either of us was expecting. There was a little bit of nervousness when we turned it on for the first time but all is good!

Of course, we’re not completely done. The cabinets need to be finished since we had to cut out a cupboard and there is some tidying up to do. Still, I can’t get over how fantastic it is to have a dishwasher.


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