Streaking! Or at least trying to…

Last year I did the HBBC to keep myself motivated during the holiday season and it worked pretty well. This year I felt I needed something different and instead I’m trying the RW Running Streak –  least a mile a day, until New Years. On paper it doesn’t look that much different from what I’m doing already – it just requires an extra 1 mile run on Sundays along with my swim – but actually doing it is probably going to be more difficult. I struggle to stick to my running plan and having to run every day is going to be a challenge for me. But that’s a good thing, right?

So far I’m doing OK – today was Day 6 and the dog and I went running twice. My plan is to just do my 1.25 mile loop every morning with the dog, and then if I have time before or after work I will tack on the extra miles to make my training plan workout. I’m actually finding the morning running is working way better for me than after work ever did (especially now that it is dark) – let’s hope I can keep it up!


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