What’s Been Happening Lately

December has been busy, but not too exciting. Lots of good stuff going on – new job, getting ready for Christmas and keeping up with friends, family and pets – but also lots of day to day. Here are a few of the things that have been keeping me busy:

1. More crafting – I have wanted to make a Christmas card holder for a couple of years now. Cats are always knocking the cards off the ledge and tape never seems to hold them to the door/walls. I saw one in a Martha Stewart magazine (similar to this one) and made my own version. It takes less than an hour and the cats haven’t got it yet.
holiday card holder

2. Christmas shopping – I have finished (yay!) all of my major gift purchasing. All that remains is wrapping (which I should do before Jon comes home since his gifts are spread out in the living room) and a few stocking stuffers. If I hadn’t finished my shopping I would have had to stop anyways since I lost my credit card yesterday. This wouldn’t be a big deal but it seems that my spare card has expired too. Probably a good thing.

3. Christmas baking – this is the first year we’re having Christmas as just the two of us (plus pets) so we didn’t do too much baking. Jonny made the shortbread (3), the chocolavas (4) and the ginger crinkles (5). I tried fudge (2) and made something called a muskoka bar (1).
christmas baking

4. Christmas decorating – I found time to put out our Christmas stuff. The advent calendar, a few decorations and our mini-tree. No real tree yet (although you can buy a permit on-line now so we’re good to go get one next weekend). Some gifts from my family have arrived and I’m just trying to keep the pets from getting theirs until its time.
christmas decorating

5. Running – still on my running streak. Today was day 25 (15 left to go) and I’m enjoying it. It’s better when I can fit in my miles before work but since that doesn’t always happen there has also been some after work running happening. This weekend the sun came out and it was awesome to run in daylight instead of the pre-work and post-work dark.

sun running1

6. Cooking – I’ve been working through my list of freezer meals and already I’m starting to see some space freeing up. The other week I made some lemon crockpot chicken (delicious) and lots of frozen leftovers have made their way out of the freezer and into my lunches.
cooking lemon chicken


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