The MacDonald Family Christmas Tree Hunt – 2012

We are usually not this late with our Christmas tree but this year we just haven’t been able to get out. It was cold today but since it is the last Saturday before the big day we had to go. In the past we’ve always bought a tree permit and headed into K-country to cut a tree but today we decided to try something different. It was cold and we didn’t want to spend hours wandering around so we went to the Junior Forest Wardens tree cutting area. They have an old cut block where for $5 you can cut any tree of your choice. You still have to wander around and find a tree, but there are many, many more pines to choose from.

tree lot

Even though it was chilly, it is always nice to be out of the city (I haven’t been outside of city limits in months). We had fresh snow so everything looked really pretty.

lovely day in the mountains

Of course Patches came along with us and helped investigate everything until we found the perfect tree. His feet got cold but I think that he enjoyed a chance to run in the bush for a little while.

Patches on the hunt for a tree

We were able to find a tree we liked and we hauled it back to the truck. The best thing about the truck is that after we cut off about 6″ our tree it fit perfectly in the back so we didn’t have to tie it on, just shut the topper and we were good.

taking home our tree

After loading our tree we stuck around and had a hot dog and sat by the fire. It wasn’t quite the same as looking in the woods on our own for a tree but it was easy and still a fun outing. Patches even had a hot dog so he was pretty happy.

We let the tree site for an hour once we got it home – Patches and I went out for a run and Jonny puttered around the house – and then we decorated it. It turns out this is one of our fuller trees so we got almost all our decorations on it.

2012 tree

The house feels more festive now that we have the tree, and we’ve got a place to store the goodies that have been showing up.


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