Winter Running at the Cabin

There is a lot of snow up at the cabin right now. It really feels like winter but without the freezing cold that we had in Calgary for the past week. The dog and I have been taking advantage of the combination of vacation time, warmer weather and new walking trails to get in lots of outside exercise.

Yesterday we started off with a reconnaissance walk to check out the conditions on the trail around the lake. There was lots of snow (and more falling) but the trail was packed down enough that we had no trouble following it.


The snow makes things so pretty too.


I attempted to gather the dogs together for a group shot but they were too busy investigating things to indulge me. This is the best I was able to get.


After our walk I ran the loop around the lake three times to get in 8.5 miles as my long run for the week. Conditions weren’t terrible but the fresh snow made the on-road portion (which is most of it) like running on sand. I haven’t run that far in a while so I was pretty tired by the time I was done.

Today was pretty much the same thing. One loop around the lake with the dogs and then once on my own. It was still snowing but someone had been out with their plow. The road wasn’t bare but there were less snowy areas to run on.


The area here is so pretty that I don’t mind repeating the same run over and over again.




My running plan for tomorrow is yet another loop around the lake. Tomorrow is the last official day of my running streak and my last chance for a couple more miles in 2012. My last run of 2011 and first run of 2012 were both up at the cabin so I will keep that trend alive and make sure than Jan 2013 also starts with at least a short run.


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