How Did I Do?

I didn’t pay too much attention to my 2012 “to do list” over the past couple of months, so in that sense it was kind of a fail,but I did have fun crossing a few items off the list ealier this year so it wasn’t a total waste. I plan to set more for 2013 in a slightly different way so I’m not giving up on my lists. Here’s how I did on the 2012 items

1. Try growing one new vegetable this year – I didn’t blog very much about the garden this summer but we had another successfull growing year. We put in a new irrigation system which was great and cut down on our garden work. As for new veggies we tried corn, onions, winter squash, watermelon and garlic. They were (mostly) sucessful and I’ll try them all again. We also tried pumpkins, cabbage and spinach which didn’t do as well.

2. Keep up my fitness (run another 1000 miles, go to yoga 100 times and finish the NROL plan)- I did not run 1000 miles, I did not go to yoga 100 times and I did not finish NROL. But, I did still run, took up swiming again and stayed fit.

3. Go on a picnic– Yes! When we were in Ontario we had a lovely picnic in Stratford.

4. Take an ice bath – No, but I think I will try this in 2013.

5. Bake a loaf of sourdough bread – I occassionally thought that I should start this and then never did. I will try again in 2013.

6. Do a yoga challenge – I did a 7 day yoga challenge on my summer vacation and I’m just going to have to count that.

7. Take a vacation – We did, twice. We went to Ontario for some cottage time and then wine tasting and hiking in BC.

8. Go out to the mountains/outdoors/wilderness at least three times – We dayhiked Grassi Lakes, Jumpingpound Summit, Chester Lake and Barrier Lookout. Then we also spent 4 days on the Juan de Fuca. We went out more than I expected but I would have liked to get a little canoe time in.

9. Take a fantastic photograph of Jonny and I, together – Still unsuccessfull. We had more photos of us together but not any really great ones. Still something we have to work on.

10. Read the Harry Potter Series– first thing I finished off the list this year. I didn’t love Harry Potter but it wasn’t an impossible read.

Seven out of ten isn’t too bad. I’m working on my 2013 list and looking forward to a new year!


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