Some of my Favourite Things (to Eat)

A few things that we’ve been enjoying in the kitchen lately (in no particular order)

1. This red sauce from Dinner with Julie
You can just open a jar of store bought sauce or you can spend about the same amount of time and eat this. I dislike sauce from a jar but I will lick the dregs of this out of the pot. Make a double batch and freeze the extra in 500 ml canning jars for lazy mid-week pasta nights.

2. This honey lime dressing from The Yummy Life
Not everyone has ice cream pails full of honey in their basements but all you need is few spoonfuls to make this light and sweet dressing.

3. Microwave mug brownies
I know that dessert and I should probably take a little break but sometimes you need warm, gooey chocolate in less than 2 minutes.

4. Our homemade apricot jam
Every time I smear a little of this on a piece of toast I am reminded of summer. It’s not the season to make this but think about it next summer if you find yourself with a flat of Okanagan apricots.

5. Crockpot Chicken Soup
I made this in November loosely based on this recipe. It was super delicious and the leftovers have kept well in the freezer. I used chicken legs and backs instead of chicken breasts to add flavour and cut costs.


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