Books in November and December

Neither November or December of 2012 were big reading months for me. I was busy with school (report cards, switching to a new school) and just really struggled to find any books that captivated me. Still, even with only 3 books for each month I finished the year at 61 in total (just one less than 2011). Here’s what I read to finish off 2012:


(56) Wild – Cheryl Strayed

A lot of people really enjoyed this book but for me it was just OK. I enjoyed reading about the author’s adventures on the PCT and (like probably everyone else who has read it) I did want to go start my own distance hiking adventure as I read it. Still, I think that as far as stories about long distances hikes go, I enjoyed A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson better.

(57) The City of Ashes – Cassandra Clare

This is the sequel to a City of Bones (which I read in August) and was an entertaining enough read. I started the third book in the series but haven’t finished it yet and I’m not sure I will because I’ve discovered I don’t have the interest to read series that last more than three or four books.

(58) I Am Not a Serial Killer – Dan Wells

This was a recommendation and a good one at that. I won’t spoil what is a completely bizarre plot but it is one of those books where you feel like you know what’s going to happen and then things get completely weird.


(59) Without Fail (Jack Reacher #6) – Lee Child

I am sort of working my way through all the Jack Reacher novels. I was working a late shift at a charity casino and needed something to pass the time – these novels go quick since I had it almost finished by the time I headed home.

(60) Sylvia – Bryce Courtney

This was a recommendation by my father-in-law and was my “at school reading” book. I have enjoyed other books by Bryce Courtney but just couldn’t get into this one. It seemed long and I just felt like I was always waiting for the story to start.

(61) Under this Unbroken Sky – Shandi Mitchell

This is a novel about a family farming in the prairies in the 1930’s. It’s beautiful, but sad. It took me two tries to get through it (I read about half of it, my loan expired, and then I waited a while to take it out again) but I think that had a lot more do with my busyness and lack of reading interest than in the novel itself.


It’s now a new month (and a new year) for reading and I will confess that I haven’t read a single book yet. Jon has been out-reading me – he has finished two (TWO!) books already this month but I have lots and lots that I’m looking forward to reading on my list so I’m sure I’ll catch up soon. I set two reading goals for 2013 and I plan to head down to my bookshelf today to figure out exactly what I have to read this year.


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