Some things from my last week of winter vacation

Right now I’m on a modified calendar for school – which means I got a slightly longer winter break than “normal”. It hasn’t all been fun and games for my last week (I tried to get some prep work done) but I still gave myself some time to do a few last vacation things.

Hang out with my pets – once I go back to work I get less time at home, which means less time with the cats and dog. The cats have finally settled down with each other so they fight less and are (almost) friends.

Oreo and I  cat nap

Patches loves going outside, especially in the winter. Even though he is 8 years old now he has lots of energy so we spent lots of time out running and walking.

river run Jenn and Patches

Run during the day – I was still working on my 50 day running streak goal so Patches and I hit the trails every day. We made an effort to try some new trails – including one that gave us this view:
new trail run

I don’t plan to stop running once I return to work but I will have to shift back to morning and after work runs and at this time of the year that means running in the dark.

Cook – It was nice to be home and have time to cook for myself. I made a delicious (and simple) tofu dish, tried out our new popcorn popper (the whirley pop) and some peppermint protein balls.

delicious tofu

using the whirly pop

Try some winter activities – another one of my goals was to enjoy winter a bit more by trying more winter activities. This week we went skating twice – once at the rink in Eau Claire and then once at the Bowness Lagoon. Eau Claire had the advantage of being a daytime adventure:

 skating eau claire

but Bowness Lagoon had a much larger skating surface, and since it was night-time (and snowing) it was empty.

evening skating 2

evening skating 3

Spend time with this guy: we didn’t get as much time with each other over the holidays as I would have liked so it has been nice to have evenings and mornings to hang out.

night skating at Bowness


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