Running Route: Bowness and Baker Park Loop

Back in November Jonny and I went for our first visit to Baker Park and thought it was a pretty place. It’s not a big park but there are statues, flowers (probably, when it isn’t winter) and that kind of stuff. I decided while we were there that I should go for a run around the park, not exactly then, but at a later date. The park is across the river from Bowness Park and forms a nice little loop along the river between Stoney Trail and 85th St. NW.

I had a few days while I was on vacation and figured there would be no better time to see what the park was like for a winter run. I drove to the park (a real rarity since I usually just run from my house) and parked on the Bowness Park side of the river. I started my run from the main parking lot and headed east along the river to the 85th St bridge.

Baker Park 4

It isn’t very far to the bridge and I crossed on the sidewalk to the north side of the river and started heading west on the paved path towards Baker Park. The path was clear, there were only a few other users and I was soon enjoying a leisurely run through the park.

Baker Park 5

The pedestrian bridge under Stoney Trail was the western edge of my loop. I love a good bridge and this one is quite pretty.

Baker Park 1

From the bridge you can look west towards the Bearspaw Dam (which used to be a favourite dog walking spot of our’s but is closed now) or south to the water intake plant. The trail has interpretive signs along it so I stopped to read about the water intake plant on the other side of the bridge

Baker Park 3

From the bridge it was short trail through the forest back to Bowness Park and my car. The loop is only about 2.25 miles so I ran it twice for a 4.5 mile day. On a winter weekday there were only a few dog walkers and myself out on the trails – I imagine it is much busier on a weekend or the summer. I don’t want to make a habit of driving to go running but it was nice to try a new route.


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