50 Day Running Streak – Done!

January 10 was the final day of my winter running streak (which I started back in November). The official streak was 40 days (November 22 to January 1) but since one of my goals was to have a 50 day streak I decided I would carry this one on a little longer.

On Day 49 I ran around Baker Park and it was beautiful. I wore my lightweight jacket and the sun was shining. Later that evening it looked like this:

Last Day of Steak

By the following morning there was a ton of snow but Patches and I had to head out for one last run. I put on my real winter gear, he wore his fur coat and we headed out to try for a couple of miles.

Last Day of Streak 2

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – we were slow, Patches had to stop and clean the snow out of his feet several times and my shoes got filled with snow but it was beautiful and we were the first person and dog out on the trails.

Last Day of Streak 3

We managed to finish a final 2.5 miles for our streak for a total of 137.5 miles over our 50 days. My running streak was the perfect thing to get me through the busy holiday season and back into winter running.


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