The 2013 Garden Seeds

“Plan garden” has been on my to-do list since about mid-December. Something about this winter has made it harder to motivate myself to think as far head as spring so I have put off actually sorting through what we have and what I need to buy for over a month now. I finally decided I had to do it because I was worried that I was going to miss starting our veggies on time if I didn’t. On Saturday afternoon I made a cup of tea, grabbed my seed box and seed catalog and had the whole thing sorted and ordered in about an hour. I haven’t decide quite where everything is going to go but I’ve got it all here or on its way at least.

One difference about our gardening plans this year is that we are not getting a CSA share this summer and instead will be (attempting) to get the majority of our veggies from our own garden. The reason isn’t that we didn’t enjoy our CSA – the veggies and the farm were wonderful – but we found that we just had too much of the same thing with the share and our own garden. This makes sense – they were growing things that did well in Alberta, we are growing things that do well in Alberta – but meant that we were eating our share veggies and then not getting to all the fresh wonderful veggies in our own garden. Plus, with Jon’s forays into strange veggies (corn, artichokes) we probably have more variety in our own yard.

Here’s what we will be growing in 2013. There are a lot of familiar veggies (why mess with a good thing?) but a few new ones as well. We had lots of seeds leftover from previous seasons so we decided to save a little money and grow them instead of ordering new varieties if we had enough.

– Red Russian Kale
– Amish Deer Tongue, Tom Thumb and Red Deer Tongue (new!) lettuces
– Fordhook Giant and Rhubarb swiss chard
– Neptune, Little Fingers and Bolero (new!) carrots
– Cylindra and Chioggia beets
– Venture Blue Lake, Dragons Tongue and Kentucky Wonder Brown Beans (we have so many seeds)
– Eightball, Ambassador and Romanesco (new!) zucchini
– Ailsa Craig and Ruby Ring (new!) onions
– Pinnacle and Small Wonder (new!) spaghetti squash
– Kandy King corn
– Diana watermelons
– Salad Bush and Sultan cucumbers
– Savoy and Corvair spinach
– Seglinde and Kennebec potatoes (new!)
– Asparagus (we can eat some of them this year!!)

– Raspberries
– Rhubarb
– Haskap
– Gooseberries (new!)
– Apples
– Cherries

– Dill
– Chives
– Mint
– Lemon Balm
– Lovage
– Thyme
– Lavender
– Sorral (new!)
– Licorice Mint (new!)

For the Bees
– Hollyhocks (I got some seeds from a plant down the street)
– Poppies (again from a plant down the street)
– Phacelia
– Purple cone flowers
– Yarrow
– Borage
– Four kinds of sunflowers
– Assorted early bulbs (my mother planted them in our yard while we were roofing)

It is going to be a busy year in the yard but I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to have some variety in my veggetable diet and it will be fun to try the new things we’ve added.


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