Introducing Oreo

Oreo has been living with us since Thanksgiving so it is probably time he got a proper introduction:


He belongs to my sister so he’s not a permanent addition but more of a long term guest. His stay at our house started a little rocky – Donnelly was not thrilled to have a housemate and Oreo spent a lot of time in the basement. But since then the cats have come to a truce and life with two cats and a dog has settled into a routine.



Oreo is a quirky cat – funny legs and a silly face – but he does make me laugh. He has this very strange run and loves cat treats so if I need a little bit of a giggle I shake the bag of treats and watch him race towards me. Having two cats in the house has had it’s trials but right now things are going well and we’re enjoying (for the most part) having Oreo with us!



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