My Winter Training Plan

In the later part of 2012 I made, and then discarded, at least two training plans. In the fall I thought I might run a half-marathon but then things got busy and instead I dropped the plan in favour of my 50 day running streak. In December I thought that I wanted to run a spring marathon but then when it came time to start training I decided I had no desire to run that far this winter. I (very) briefly toyed with the idea of a spring half-marathon but then I decided that I just didn’t want to run more than an hour at a time in the winter. I am still loving running but the idea of running any significant distance is not appealing right now. There have been quite a few runs where it looks like this


but there are also a lot of early morning, dark, icy and cold days as well.

Solution – find an early summer half marathon and train for that instead. I haven’t run a “summer race” in years and years which is why it took me a while to actually figure out it was an option. While I haven’t committed to anything yet, I’ve got my eye on a mid-June half which means I don’t have to start training until the end of March. We’re not out of winter yet at that point but we’ve certainly got more daylight and less cold, horrible days. For now I’m following Hal Higdon’s winter running plan and trying to fit in more swim sessions (I did say I wanted to do a triathlon). This seems to be working well enough and should leave me with enough of a base come March.


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