Long Weekend at the Cabin

I love a long weekend and this one couldn’t have come at a better time – February is so ho-hum and having 3 days off makes it much more bearable! We headed up to the cabin for what Jonny and I decide was our last weekend off before getting serious with work until our vacation. That’s not to say that I didn’t do any work while we were away but I certainly didn’t work as hard as I would have at home. What I did instead of all that work was:

Walk around the lake with the dogs – We had excellent winter weather which meant lots of walks in the sunshine.


Read– reading has not really featured on my list of things to do lately but I set aside some time and finished off two books (finally!)

Eat– delicious dinners, snacks and breakfasts not to mention some new cocktails and lots of lattes.


Sauna – in a homemade snow sauna (that I didn’t have to build). Certainly something I’d never tried before!

Run with other people – I so rarely get to run with other people but this weekend I was able to persuade R. to join me for two different lake loops. He’s much faster than me so it was good for me to have to push my pace a little bit. It was also my first run of the year in the rain since we were treated to a light drizzle for part of our first run.


Relax!– something I’m not always the best at but am attempting to get better with. There really is no better place to practice than the cabin!


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