Bringing Home Bike

I have been rather envious of Jon since he got his new (and very nice) Giant Seek commuter bike. Trailing behind him on my Schwinn Cadence when we ride has made me want a new (faster! lighter!) bike. Still, buying a new bike just to be (maybe) as fast as Jon had to wait quite a while before I’d saved up the funds. And then once I had the funds I made myself wait until report cards were done. And then finally this weekend I’d done both so I allowed myself to head to Ridley’s to look at bikes (I told Jon we were going to look but I made him help me put the bike rack back on the car ’cause you never know).

I’d decided in the fall that I wanted an entry level road bike – something to try triathlon on, do a few long summer rides and occasionally commute to have lunch with my husband during my summer off. I know basically nothing when it comes to road biking so I was more than happy to let the staff help me out completely with every step of my purchase. After an hour and a half, several small bike adjustments and lots of time spinning on the trainer I was sold on a Trek Lexa S. I added in some terrifying clip less peddles and shoes and picked up my newest toy later this afternoon.


It is now parked in my spare room, waiting for the warm weather to arrive so I can take it out. I realize I’m going to have to learn a little more about riding and add a few more accessories but I think I’ve got a good start.


My new shoes – also chosen so I could walk around in them


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