Bee Activity in Early March

Can you believe that it is almost the middle of March? I am so excited that we are getting into spring – the snow can’t melt fast enough for me. I think our bees feel the same way – it was warm out today and there were bees out everywhere. I was excited to see them because on our last warm day I only saw bees from Moose Factory out and I was a little concerned that Geraldton had perished. But, this afternoon there was activity at both hives which means the ladies have made it this far. We’re not in the clear yet – we still have to get our hives through until the nectar and pollen start appearing but at least there are bees in both our hives to start the season with. We will have to start feeding at some point and hopefully then we can see what is going on in our hives.

In preparation for the upcoming bee season Jon has been busy building bee stuff. We made a few frames the other week and we recently got a shipment of other pieces of bee equipment. There were a few tools that we really wanted for this season plus some new boxes that needed to be assembled. Every night Jon has gotten a few put together and we now have a stack of new deeps and shallows to paint and then add into rotation as the bees need them.


Now that I know we’ve got bees and more equipment it is time to figure out what to do with our bees. We’re both at a bee keeping course next weekend where I hope to learn what to do between now and May to get our bees ready for some serious honey production!


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