Gardening 2013: Starting the First Seeds

We finally got around to starting our first seeds on Monday night. We started 18 pots of Ailsa Craig onions, another 18 pots of Ruby Ring onions, some geraniums, 8 pots of liquorice mint and 6 pots of purple cone flowers. We are still eating the onions we grew last year so we decided to grow more this year. We’re also not doing a CSA this year so we’ll be relying on our garden for most of our veggies. The other stuff is for the bees – we’re growing lots more flowers this year to help them out and make our yard look prettier!

The seed pots ready to be planted. Last year we made our own but I didn’t have time yet to make a batch for this year so we are starting our first seeds on coconut husk pots.

Our pots all filled up. We didn’t bring up the seed cage yet but I think we will have to by the weekend so the cats don’t mess nothing up!


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