First Hive Opening of the Spring

Today was warm enough so Jonny opened up our hives quickly to give the ladies a little extra food (I was at school so I didn’t get to participate). We were starting to worry that they might not have enough stores to get through until we return from vacation. After our nice spring weather the other week we had a bit of a cold snap and I was concerned that something might have happened to the bees. The good news is that both hives had live bees which hopefully means that we’ll have two live hives this year.
This part of bee keeping is still new to us – last year our bees arrived in June so we didn’t have to worry about spring start up. Figuring out what to do when to keep our hives healthy and growing (but not growing too much) is something that we are still trying to work out. On Saturday we attended a bee keeping workshop which at least gave me a starting point for our spring management plan. And I got to draw some awesome notes – here’s what our spring bee keeping might look like:



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