Belize Travels: Day 1

After two uneventful flights and a short overnight stay in Houston we have arrived in Belize! The international airport is tiny so it didn’t take very long to get a stamp in our passports and clear customs. I’d arranged a shuttle to pick us up at the airport so within a half hour of landing we were rolling through the Belizian countryside to San Ignacio. We chatted with our driver about the country, cashew trees and how to tell a Belikin stout from regular Belikin while sipping on pineapple Fanta and the trip passed quickly.

Our base in San Ignacio is the Western Guesthouse. It’s clean, quiet and conveniently located. It also has WIFI and a great front porch.


The porch

After dropping our bags off we headed down to the market for lunch and some fresh fruit. Then we wandered around town before grabbing some more Fanta and a few Belikins and spending some time relaxing on the porch swing. We completed our afternoon with a nap.


Fanta root beer is new to me.They also have Fanta soda water

We are both still pretty tired from traveling so we had an early dinner and a few drinks before turning in for the night. As unadventurous as it is, spending some time watching TV and relaxing has been perfect. We’ve got lots of adventures planned for the next few days so we need to be well rested!


Enjoying a fancy drink to start off the vacation.


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