Belize Travels: Our First Days on Caye Caulker

Our trip to Belize only has two stops – the first in the jungle of San Ignacio and the second one on the Belizian coast at Caye Caulker. On Monday we took another shuttled from San Ignacio to the water taxi terminal in Belize City and from there we caught a water taxi to Caye Caulker ($20 BLZ each). The ride was only about 45 minutes so we were on the caye shortly after lunch. Caye Caulker is tiny and there are no cars, just golf carts and bicycles. Even so, it took us a few tries to find our hotel. We wanted this part of our trip to feel completely relaxing so we splurged on a poolside room at the Iguana Reef Inn. The hotel has a pool, huge rooms and a private beach. From the docks we’ve been able to see plenty of fish and even a few sting rays! It’s on the backside of the island and feels very tucked away from anything else.

The view from where I am writing today

Our first day we just hung out at the pool for a bit and then headed in “town” to find dinner and book a snorkelling tour for the next day. Prices are higher on the island than we were used to in San Ignacio but we managed to find a reasonable priced meal at Syd’s, a small but popular restaurant. Then in true budget style we stopped at the grocery store for a couple of cokes and a bottle of rum and had a few drinks on our balcony before bed.

On Tuesday (our second day) we went on a full day snorkelling tour with Carlos’ Tours. It was amazing (I can’t believe how much we saw) and will get it’s own post once I can get the photos off my underwater camera. We definitely want to go our again while we’re here!

Despite our best attempts we both still ended up with small patches of sun burn after our tour and have decided that today is best spent relaxing in the shade of the umbrellas at Iguana Reef. Napping, reading, swimming and maybe a short kayak will keep us occupied. The motto here on Caulker is “go slow” and we will give that a try for the day.


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