Belize Travels: The Last Couple of Days on Caulker

Today is our last day in Belize – tomorrow morning we’ve got a flight off of Caulker to Belize City, then a flight to Houston and finally a flight to Calgary. I’m sad that vacation is over but glad that we were able to fit in such an excellent vacation.

Yesterday we went snorkelling again. We went with a different company and just for a half-day but I think we got in just as much time in the water. Visibility wasn’t as good but we still saw tons of corals, fish and rays.

Today we woke up to cloudy skies and a strong wind out of the west. Initially I was quite disappointed – I’d wanted another day of sunshine and a chance to kayak but we still turned it into another great day.

We started with a morning of walking around the island. We’ve spent a lot of time in the small part of Caulker that has the restaurants and hotels but hadn’t ventured south towards the airport. There is a rough track that leads from the airport around the south shore of the island which allowed us a chance to see some of the mangrove forests. Not exciting but very empty and some pretty views out to the ocean. There are properties along the south part of the island but most looked empty.



From there we walked to the north end near the “split” which is usually busy with people enjoying the sun but was empty today. The part of the caye that we are staying on is only about 2 miles long so it only took us about 2 hours to complete our walking adventure. Because it was cloudy and cool it was perfect walking weather. We were hungry after our exercise so we grabbed some takeout from Chan’s (which was closed last time we tried).

The weather had not improved after our walk so we spent a couple of hours reading on our balcony but by 2:30 the wind had slowed down and we decided that we should just go kayaking. It was a good move because within 10 minutes of setting out the clouds cleared off and we got our perfect sunny afternoon out on the water. We kayaked north from our resort to the northern portion of the caye which is most mangrove. The water was still cloudy but we saw starfish, a spotted eagle ray, several schools of fish and some amazing large Tarpon fish. It was a nice way to see the other half of the caye but we only paddled for about an hour before heading back home since neither of us wanted to get sunburnt!
BLZ2013_CayeC (78) (450 x 600)BLZ2013_CayeC (79) (600 x 450)
We have been trying to catch a sunset off our dock since we got here and while they have been OK nothing has been really good until tonight. We were treated to a beautiful sunset after our kayaking:


Once the sun had fully sunk into the ocean we headed out for dinner at the delicious Pizza Caulker. It was quiet in the restaurant tonight but we still enjoyed our pizza (you must have the garlic as a topping) and our rum drinks (2 for $8 BLZ). Everyone makes a slightly different drink when you order it and while we enjoy Greg (the owner) version best, we enjoyed the ones that Junior made too. While we were there I got to create a decoration for the walls and Junior nailed it up for me before we left.


It is supposed to be a Ballyhoo – a pointy nosed fish that Jon and I have spotted often here at Caulker.

We finished our night with a visit to the Caye Caulker Cake Lady and then feeling very full headed back to our hotel for an early bed time before our long travel day tomorrow.


One thought on “Belize Travels: The Last Couple of Days on Caulker

  1. I am so excited that you and Jon got to enjoy all the great things in Belize!! Hope it was as relaxing as it seemed 🙂

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