Millarville Half-Marathon 2013 – Training Weeks 1, 2 and 3

I’m taking a break from my Belize posts to talk about something else – running! Now that I’ve returned from vacation it is time to get back to running (and all other forms of exercise). My goals for the year include racing twice and completing my first triathlon so I’ve tentatively picked the Millarville Half-marathon on July 15 and am trying to decide between a couple of triathlons later in the summer. I might try a couple of smaller race in between – I’ll see how my summer shapes up!

Anyways, it is time to start half-marathon training. Up until now I have loosely been following Hal Higdon’s Winter Training Plan with a (mostly) weekly swim session in there. Right before we left for Belize was the official start of training using a modified version of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half-marathon plan but there wasn’t a lot of that on vacation. Still, starting on week three of a twelve week program isn’t going to cause any serious problems and vacation was so worth it!

Week #1

Monday – 3.25 mile
My first day of spring break so I went for a run along the trails with Patches.

Tuesday – 3.75 mile run and 2.8 mile bike ride
It was a beautiful day out along the trails – I wore shorts and Patches had a swim. It still wasn’t nice enough for my road bike but I rode my old bike to and from the car mechanic a couple of times.

Wednesday – 6 mile run
The weather was nice but this run just felt really, really slow. Still it was good to get some miles in before I sat on a plane.

Thursday – Sunday – REST
Well, not running at least. Lots of fun at ATM, Caracol and in San Ignacio)

Weekly Total: 13 miles ran, 2.8 miles biked

Week #2 – REST
This week was all about being on vacation – we did some snorkelling and kayaking but generally took it pretty easy.

Week #3

Monday – 4 mile run + weights
Patches and I did a 1.5 mile warm up in the morning before work (I also did my weight work out). After work we did another 2.5 miles. It was a bit hard to adjust to early morning running in the cold and dark but we managed. Still snow on the ground for our afternoon trail run.

snow on my trail run

Tuesday – 3 mile run
An early morning run. These are never my fastest but I was glad that I had it done when I got home late from work.

Wednesday – 4 mile run + weights
A 1 mile warm up and weights before work. Then Patches and I went for a 3 mile trail run after school.

Thursday – REST
It was supposed to be a bike and swim day but I was exhausted when I got home. Patches, Jon and I went to the off-leash park instead.

Friday – 5.25 mile run
Patches and I did 2 miles in the morning before work and then another 3.25 miles after work. It was a nice afternoon and we ran some of the drier trails. We spotted our first crocus which means even though it has done nothing but snow, spring must be here!

first crocus of 2013

Saturday – 6.75 mile run
It was really cold and windy on Saturday so I stalled until the afternoon, hoping that the wind would die down. It wasn’t the worst running weather but wasn’t the best either. My planned 6 miles turned into almost 7 miles because I got stuck on a trail in a dog park.

saturday long run

Sunday – Swim Drills
Ugh, the pool felt awful but at least I wasn’t out running in all the snow that fell overnight. I was out of swimming shape and tired but I made it through my hour of swim drills. Swimming is definitely something I’m going to have to do more of if I want to finish that triathlon.

Weekly Total: 23 miles ran, 2 weight session, 1 swim session


My goals for Week #4 are to keep up with my early morning runs, but also make sure I’m getting at least one more swim session in. I’ve got pilates on Monday and would like to fit in another strength session later in the week.


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