Belize Travels: What to Eat!

We ate pretty well on our trip – eating while traveling is one of our favourite things. I also love photographing my food (although this time it was mostly with my iphone). These are a few of the places and foods we enjoyed!

San Ignacio

We mostly ate street food while we were in town. It was easy to come by and delicious! Restaurant prices were similar to Canadian prices (except in Belize $) but street food was very reasonable.

Breakfast: We always grabbed a couple of burritos from one of the vendors by the market each morning (except the one morning we grabbed tacos) and then stopped at another vendor for sliced fruit (pineapple, watermelon or papaya). A burrito costs about $3 BLZ and a bag of sliced fruit $1 BLZ. Tacos were 3 for $1 BLZ.

BLZ2013_BurritoChicken burritos for breakfast

On Saturday morning it was also the market day so we added some “pancakes” to breakfast. They came in animal shapes and were more like waffles:


Lunch: Lunch was provided by our tours when we were visiting ATM and Caracol. The afternoon we arrived in town we grabbed stuff from the market and then on Sunday we ate BBQ chicken and tortillas in Santa Elena. The chicken was an amazing price of $10 BLZ for two portions and so good!


If I can ever figure out how to make that BBQ salsa I would be so happy

Dinner: The first night in town we ate at Hodes, a restaurant located just north of the soccer field. Food was OK but nothing special.

On Friday almost everything in town was closed for Good Friday. We shared a grilled pork chop at the Mayawalk Restaurant but it was pricy ($25 BLZ) and service was really slow. After we were still hungry and found some street tacos to top up our meal. They were delicious!

BLZ2013_SanIgnacio (24)

Every night near the Atlantic Bank there were a couple of food carts. Tacos were $1 BLZ each and a bowl of rice, beans and strewed chicken cost $6 BLZ. On Saturday we sampled them both:


Stew chicken and spicy onions – so good.

Sunday we ate at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel after our iguana tour. We shared a bruschetta and a Lebanese platter of humus, olives, tabouhli and chicken kabob. Dinner prices were similar what we would pay in Canada but in Belizean dollars. They had a good cocktail menu and we were able to sit outside on the balcony overlooking the jungle. There was a refreshing breeze and we got to see toucans.

Caye Caulker

Prices were higher on the Caye but we still found some places we enjoyed.

Breakfast: This was included at our hotel. It was buffet style and we had yogurt, granola, fruit, coffee and baked goodies.


Lunch: We ate at restaurants or food “shacks” most days because street food wasn’t much cheaper. We had conch fritters at Syd’s:


chicken and rice on San Pedro:


and chinese from Chan’s takeout:


Dinner: We ate again at smaller restaurants. The caye is so small that it is possible to walk everywhere so we would often wander around to see what looked popular.

On our first evening it was “taco Tuesday” at the restaurant beside our hotel. Tacos were $1 BLZ for crispy or $1.50 BLZ for soft.

We tried the fried chicken at Syd’s on our second evening. We sat in the patio and while the service was a little slow it was pretty nice.

The third night we ended up at Caulker Pizza which was a blast. It was packed on a Wednesday night and the owner was tending bar. They make a great pizza and really good rum drinks (2 for $8 BLZ). We loved it so much that we went back on Friday night when I got to make some art work for the walls.


Thursday we were craving something not rice and chicken and went to Sandros Piccola Cucina for pasta. While not as delicious as the fresh pasta we had in Bariloche it was pretty good. They have kind of communal seating which was fun.

We finished every dinner with a visit to the Caye Caulker Pie Lady. She has a mobile cart and sets up every afternoon along the main street selling home-made pies. I liked her rum cake the best but Jon also enjoyed the key lime pie.


Snacks and Drinks

Fanta was plentiful and came in fruit punch, grape, pineapple, orange, root beer, soda water and tonic water. A glass bottle from the store cost about $1.25 BLZ and in a restaurant up to $3 BLZ.


Beer was either Belikin or Lighthouse. A Belikin was about $2 BLZ at the store and $5 BLZ in a restaurant.

While we were on Caye Caulker we sampled something from the extensive drink menu every night at Iguana Reef Inn and watched the sun set from the dock. Prices were a little steep but we loved the location.



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