Millarville Half-Marathon Training – Week 4

This week was a bit busier with work and out of work commitments but I still got most of my workouts in. The weather hasn’t gotten much better so my motivation to be outside really dropped off by the end of the week.

Monday – 3 mile run and Pilates
I got a solo 3 mile run in before work while Jon walked Patches. I am getting tired of cold early morning runs but hopefully it starts being light at 5:00 AM soon! After work we had Pilates where we worked on all the muscles I don’t have.

Tuesday – rest
This wasn’t on the schedule but I was pretty sore after Pilates. We were supposed to swim after work but again we skipped it – this told me that I really need to swim in the morning!

Wednesday – 3.75 mile run and weights
I did a split run with 1 mile before work and the rest after. I also did a 20 minute weight lifting session before work.

Thursday – 1 km swim (100 m warm up, 4×100 free pull, 4 x100 free, 100 m cool down)
I didn’t want to get up but I did make it to the pool for the 5:30 AM lane swim. It was not an awesome swim but I felt better about my breathing and tried to work on finishing my strokes strong. I coached track after school which was lots of walking but no running for me.

Friday – 3.75 mile run
I saved this run for after work because the weather was supposed to be nicer. It was actually pretty warm and I ran in capris and a long sleeved t-shirt. After I went out and bought some new runners:


My current summer shoes feel worn out and my trail runners are too heavy now that it isn’t winter. I also grabbed a new running hat.

Saturday – rest
I wasn’t planning another rest day but it was just so miserable outside that I just couldn’t do it. Instead we ran some errands and I got some school work done. I wore my new runners just to see how they were. I also made delicious chocolate tofu pie.


Sunday – swim drills
Our Sunday swim drills focused lots on technique today. My free style is still a disaster but at least I know what it should feel like. I did some food prep to make my week a little easier and pre-made by breakfast and snack smoothies.


Weekly totals: 10.5 miles ran, 2 swim sessions, 2 strength sessions


This week I really want to get out on my bike – assuming the weather cooperates. I also need to up my running a little. I was happy that I got in my two swim sessions and would like to keep that up.


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