Summer Adventure Suggestions

Even though I still have to wear my winter jacket to walk the dog in the morning, there are signs that spring (and then summer!) is on the way. Our grass has started to green up, there are more than just a few sad crocuses on the hills and the rhubarb has leaves. All the nice weather today made me want to be outside and got me thinking about all sorts of fun things to do this summer – I love planning! There is still too much snow for me to think about actually being in the mountains but it’s far enough along that I can start looking in my guidebooks for suggestions. If you’ve also been bitten by the summer outdoor adventure planning bug, here are a few of my suggestions for outdoor adventures to fill the summer months.

Head to Horseshoe Canyon in early May when there is still snow in the mountains for some walking where it is warm. We’ve also camped at Dinosaur Provincial Park on the May Long Weekend.

Grassi Lakes might be snow free and offers a short hike just outside of Canmore that is great with the dog.

Grassi Lakes

And Prairie Mountain is a quick summit that lets you check out the amount of snow on Moose Mountain before you attempt it.


Try Lake Minnewanka in early June for a nice dog walk.

Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka

Mount Lady MacDonald makes for a good mid-month adventure or you could try Moose
Mountain or Jumpingpound Ridge.


July means more time in the mountains on both day hiking trips like Valley of the 10 Peaks or backpacking the Iceline/Whaleback.

July also means paddling in the prairies on the Red Deer River or in the mountains on the Bowron Lake Loop.

Canoe Trip 2010 499Sunny days on the Red Deer River

August is the time for backpacking. My favourite is Jonas Pass but Rockwall and Northover Ridge are nice too.

Brazeau Loop HikeJonas Pass

It still counts as summer! Early in the month head to BC for coastal hiking on the West Coast Trail.


Or try some shoulder season hikes like Ha Ling, Chester Lake or Barrier Lake.


My goals for the year include canoeing, car camping and three new hiking trails but hopefully that leaves me some time to visit a few of these favourites too! Happy planning!


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