My First Ride

The weather has been so nice lately so even though I’d had a long day at school, been for a run and still had work to do I begged Jon to go out for a quick ride with me. This was only my second time out on the bike but I felt way more relaxed than last time. I’m still adjusting to the peddles but I feel more comfortable with the brakes and gear shifting (unless going up or down hills). We only rode about 10 km but it was enough for me to try out a few gears and actually get to go fast(ish)! I still dread every time I come to a red light but I’m getting better with the unclipping and didn’t have a heart pounding fear filled ride this time. Jon somehow manages to ride and do other things so here are a few shots from our ride:

I’m really looking forward to getting out a couple times a week and maybe trying something a little more adventurous!


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