Millarville Half-Marathon Training Weeks 6, 7 and 8

I had a really great week of training sandwiched between two not-so-great weeks. I have no excuses – I just need to take my training more seriously.

Week 6

Monday – 3 mile run and pilates
Tuesday – 1 km swim (10 x 50 free, 10 x 50 free pull)
Still working on my breathing and those deep, strong strokes. Still not great at either!
Wednesday – 4 mile run
Thursday – 1.25 mile run
I had planned on more but when I got home to drop off the dog Jonny called to say that he’d forgotten his contact lenses. I’m a nice wife so I cut short my plans to exercise and instead drove to his office with some spares.
Friday – rest, again
Saturday – rest, again
It was our community clean up and I volunteered to help load junk into the city dump trucks. It was a lot of heavy lifting!
Sunday – more rest

Weekly totals: 8.5 miles run, 1 swim session, 1 Pilates class

Week 7
Monday – 5.25 mile run and pilates
It was a great Pilates class that left me exhausted!
Tuesday – 3.25 mile run and 6 mile bike ride
My first ride!
Wednesday – rest
I coached at our track and field meet and even though I didn’t do any of the hard work I was still really tired by the time the day was over.
Thursday – 3 mile run
We also went lawn bowling because the weather was just so nice!

Friday – 9 mile run and 11.75 mile bike ride
We got out of work early so I decided to squeeze in my long run instead of doing it on Saturday. It was great to get it done but I was pretty tired. I then hopped on my bike to meet people downtown and got to ride on my tired legs. Kind of like a reverse brick workout with a terrible transition time.
Saturday – scavenger hunt and 13 mile bike ride
We rode our bikes to and from a scavenger hunt downtown. I also did lots of walking/running during our scavenging.
Sunday – swim drills
Our usual coached swim session left me really tired after all the activities of the weekend.

Weekly totals: 20.5 miles run, 30.75 miles of biking, 1 Pilates class, 1 swim session

Week 8
Monday – 2 mile run
I did 2 miles before work and the plan was to go to Pilates after work but class was cancelled!
Tuesday – frisbee
My first ultimate frisbee game of the season – I always feel like I should be in better shape but it left me huffing and puffing.
Wednesday – 1 mile run
Yeah, Patches and I did a really, really slow mile before work. After work we headed to a BBQ earlier then I thought we would and I didn’t have time to squeeze in any more miles.
Thursday – rest
I set my alarm to get up and swim but hit snooze in favour of another hour of sleep. After work I was even less motivated to work out. I was feeling a bit under the weather with some sort of cold and really just wanted to sleep.
Friday – rest
I went for a walk at Weaselhead in the afternoon (about 4 miles in total) and then headed to MEC for a few accessories for my bike.
Saturday – rest
Dog walk, yard work and dinner on the deck
Sunday – swim drills
By Sunday morning I still didn’t want to workout but felt much better after an hour in the pool.

Weekly totals: 3 miles running, 1 swim session

So, lots of room for improvement in the next few weeks. I think that week #7 was just too busy and I got a little worn out. Looking ahead at my training schedule I just realized that the coming week is also week #1 of tri training so I’m going to really be working on not hitting snooze on my mid-week pool mornings!


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