Belize Travels: How to Plan Your Trip

We loved our 10 day trip to Belize and would suggest that anyone looking for an easy 10 day getaway give it a try. Here’s how we did it if you are inspired to visit for yourself.

How We Got There
We flew a late night AirCanada flight from Calgary to Houston, arriving just before mid-night. Our connecting flight didn’t leave until 8:30 am the next day so we slept for a few hours at the Best Western Intercontinental just a 15 minute cab ride from the airport. Our flight from Houston was short so we landed in Belize City by 10:30 am. We did the same thing in reverse but with a daytime flight and a shorter layover in Houston.

What We Did
We had 9 days in Belize so we chose to take it slow and visit just two spots in the country. After landing in Belize City we took the short drive to San Ignacio near the border with Guatemala where we spent 4 days visiting the ATM Caves, checking out the ruins of Caracol and hanging out with iguanas. A half-day of travel took us from the jungle to the beaches on Caye Caulker. We spent the second half of our trip soaking up the sun at our hotel, snorkelling the reef and wandering on the caye.

How We Got Around
We used Discounted Belize Shuttles to travel between Belize City and San Ignacio. It wasn’t the cheapest but so nice to have someone waiting at the airport. In San Ignacio we toured with Pacz Tours or walked places. Cab drivers were friendly (and always there) but we felt comfortable walking everywhere we wanted to go.

We took Caye Caulker Water Taxi from Belize City to Caye Caulker and then walked when we were in the island. To get back to Belize City we took a TropicAir flight from the airport on Caulker to the Belize International Airport. It cost more than the water taxi but meant we didn’t have to leave super early and it goes right to the airport.

BLZ2013_CayeC (95)

What We Ate
Loved the street food and the Pie Lady!

Where We Stayed
In San Ignacio we spent our time at the Western Guesthouse. They have private baths, AC, wifi and the hosts are very nice. The guesthouse is right in the middle of San Ignacio but was quiet and for some evenings we were the only guests. It was priced similarly to other options at $50 USD/night.

BLZ2013_SanIgnacio (6)

On Caye Caulker we stayed at The Iguana Reef Inn. We had a poolside room with two balconies and a huge living space. The hotel is lovely and has a pool, private beach and comfortable poolside bar. It was $150 USD/night.

BLZ2013_CayeC (26)

What We Would Have Done Differently
Not much – we loved our trip. I would have left us Saturday to explore San Ignacio and toured on Sunday instead but that is about it.

Why You Should Go
If you’re not convinced yet:
– It is a short flight from Calgary (relatively)
– Everyone is so friendly!
– The food is amazing (I still wish I could have more of those street tacos)
– There is tons to do, but you can also just pass a day relaxing and hanging out
– It is hot, which I think is important in choosing a travel destination in March



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