Millarville Half-Marathon Training Week 9 (and SWT Triathlon Training Week #1)

I can’t believe it’s already week #9! I feel like maybe I should have been training more but it’s a little late for that now. This was also week #1 of triathlon training and I am already trying not to stress about my swim. I’ve registered for the event so I’m going to have to do the training. Here is how it went this week:

Monday – 5 mile run
It was the holiday so I went for my run in the mid-afternoon and it was hot!

Tuesday – swim (AM) and ultimate frisbee
I made it for my before work swim and alternated 100s of free and free-pull for 30 minutes (1km total). After work I had a meeting and then a very windy ultimate frisbee game.

Wednesday – 3 mile run
Patches and I headed out on the trails a little later in the day than normal but enjoyed our evening run now that it is spring. The leaves are out along our regular trail and it is so green.


Thursday – rest
It was pouring rain after work and I just didn’t have the motivation to get out in the wet weather.

Friday – 4.5 mile run
It was still raining on Friday but Patches and I both needed the exercise. I’ve never owned a running hat before but I recently bought one and it was perfect for keeping the rain out of my eyes. We got a little cold by the time we made it home but it was awesome to have the trails all to ourselves.


Saturday – 10 mile run
We went for brunch and then I cleaned out the hall closet while I waited for it to digest before heading out for my run. it was threatening to rain but turned into a sunny, if windy, run on the way back. My 10 miles felt ok – I did take a break after 7.5 miles to grab Patches – and I wasn’t too sore after.

Sunday – swim session and 11 mile bike ride
We had our usual Sunday morning coached swim where we worked hard enough that my arms gave up on me. After lunch we took our bikes out to run errands and ended up doing about 11 miles. One of our stops was the bike store where I bought a new bottle for my bike and some bike shorts.

Weekly Totals: Running 22.5 miles, 2 swim sessions, biking 11 miles


This coming week is my first brick workout which I’m not too worried about, other than the time commitment. I’d like to be in the pool 3x and still get in my longer mid-week runs. All do-able if the weather cooperates!


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