Another Weekend – Bees and Gardens

Another damp weekend here in Calgary. I’ve lost track now of how much rain we’ve gotten but the rain barrels are full and the ground is spongy.

Saturday wasn’t all rain – my long run started out in the sunshine and I was happy running along river pathways. I hadn’t run over the Peace Bridge yet so I made sure I included it in my 11 mile loop.


After my run I helped Jon with the hives. We did just a quick inspection but the ladies were super calm. I like looking in on them when they ignore you and just go about their business.


We’ve got lots of bees and they have been working hard!


I love how they look when they arrive back at their hives with their legs covered in pollen. Unfortunately there were moving too quick for me to catch them in action. Jon caught this shot of one of them collecting pollen off some of our dandelions.


The ladies needed more space so we put on our first honey supers of the year. I’m excited to think that the bees will be making us some fresh honey now!


After we finished with the bees a truck showed up to dump a load of dirt for our new gardens. I’m happy it was actually able to deliver with all the rain but the timing meant that we had a lot of dirt moving to do before it started raining again.


We filled our new beds and still have lots left over for pots and other yard projects. I lost track of the number of wheel barrows we moved but we were both sore and tired after.

It was raining all day on Sunday but I wanted to get the last of our plants in ground. After swimming and brunch we went out in the garden and got the squash, cucumbers, zucchini and sunflowers into the ground. They look miserable out in the rain but I know once the sun comes out they will grow like crazy!


I’m glad we got so much done this weekend but I’m looking forward to doing something not yard work related next weekend!


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