Millarville Half-Marathon Training Week #10 and SWT Training Week #2

Whew, week #10 done! I’m a little worried about my training going into my half in only a little over a week but I’m sure it will be fine. Week 10 was a good week for training even though I was attempting to fit in both half-marathon and tri training.

Monday – 5 mile run and Pilates
I had to split this run to make it work but I was pretty thrilled that I got in 4 miles before work. It was raining and a little chilly but we survived.

Tuesday – swim, 8 mile ride, 3 mile run
I saw in the morning – 4 x 200 m free and another 150 m of pull and breast stroke. Then after work I did my first brick of my tri-training. I hopped on the bike as soon as I got home from work (trying out my new bike shorts) and rode to meet Jon as he cycled home from work. I had wanted to ride for 45 minutes but we only ended up being out for about 35. Once I got home I changed shoes and shorts and took Patches out for a trail run. I was more tired than I thought I’d be but not too bad.

Wednesday – 2.5 mile run
Patches and I went out after work for a trail run and then I went to lawn bowling.

Thursday – rest

Friday – 1.5 mile run
I had planned to run again after work but ended up working later than planned and then just had time for a quick dog walk before heading back out again.

Saturday – 11 mile run
I didn’t want to go but knew that if I skipped another long run I wouldn’t be ready for my race. It actually was nice out on the paths and I got to run across the Peace Bridge for the first time. A bunch of dirt arrived so I followed my run with lots of strength work.

Sunday – swim drills
I feel like my swimming is getting better but I need to work on my turns (and my breathing). I was pretty stiff after the shovelling and my legs were tired from my run but the swimming seemed to help. It was pouring with rain so I didn’t get my scheduled bike after.
Weekly totals: 23 miles of running, two swim sessions, 8 miles of biking, 1 Pilates


This week is busy so I know I won’t be able to get I as much training and I’m starting to really look forward to my summer off! I officially registered for both my races so I’ve got lots of training planned and need some time to fit it in.


2 thoughts on “Millarville Half-Marathon Training Week #10 and SWT Training Week #2

  1. Greetings from Swift Current! We are planning on doing the Canoe Route from Drumheller to Dinosaur Provincial Park and discovered your blog while researching. It seems strange how similar our interests seem to be…..we are most certainly keen on the fact you have bees!!! would love bees:) come by our (not so up to date) blog:
    Sheldon & Jennifer Harrison

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I saw that you also just returned from Belize so it does appear we share similar interests. I hope you enjoy the paddle and I will check your blog for tales of your trip.

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