Millarville Half-Marathon Training Week #11 (SWT Week # 3), Week #12 (SWT Week #4), a DNS and Moving on With Training

The DNS…
So, I didn’t run the Millarville Half-Marathon last weekend. Part way through an exhausting week I optimistically picked up my race package but by Friday I just couldn’t face a 4:30 wake up on Saturday. And while part of me really wanted to run it, the rational part told me that it would be an awful decision given how tired I was (and how pitifully my training had been going). It was an excellent decision – Saturday I actually got some sleep and spent some time with my husband. No regrets!

The Training Weeks…

Week 11/SWT #3

Monday – 3.5 mile run and pilates
Tuesday – ultimate frisbee
Wednesday – 1.5 mile run
Thursday – 1.5 mile run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 12 mile run

Week 12/SWT #4

Monday – 5 mile run
Tuesday – ultimate frisbee
Wednesday – 12 mile bike
Thursday – rest
Friday – rest
Saturday – rest
Sunday – rest

Moving on with the training…

Looking at the past few weeks my training for either a half-marathon or a triathlon hasn’t been as good as I’d like. Apparently June isn’t a good month for me! But, we’re almost at the end of the work year for me and it is time to pick it back up. Patches and I went for a short run yesterday – our regular running path was already flooded out so we ran along the top and enjoyed an hour of sunshine in what has been a rainy week. I bought Patches a new running leash (from Jac Trac) and it works great! I have one week of school left and I’m giving myself that week to just run, ride or whatever before really getting back to my training plan.


A flooding river valley, the new Jac Trac and a happy Patches


2 thoughts on “Millarville Half-Marathon Training Week #11 (SWT Week # 3), Week #12 (SWT Week #4), a DNS and Moving on With Training

  1. Questions: how was the embankments along the drum heller section of the red deer river. At peak in your opinion would it still be possible to find somewhere to camp. We’ve been charting with some along the river and they’re advising against going on it, but that’s usually what the locals say when there’s inquiries:) thanks!

    1. Hi Jennifer – we found along that section that it was difficult to find camping spots even with lower water. On our last evening we camped on a low island that I think would probably be underwater right now.

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