What will it look like when the water goes down?

If you haven’t heard, we have severe flooding in Calgary. Parts of downtown and many communities are underwater and, to put it mildly, it is a mess. Even though we’re only two blocks from the river we live up high and haven’t suffered any damage to our personal property. But with the river raging parts of our community are underwater and our park, part of the reason we love where we live, is submerged.

Patches’ best friend Brinkley and his “mum” came to stay with us after being evacuated on Thursday night and on Friday work was cancelled so we certainly haven’t been on our usual routine. It almost feels like vacation, except for the fact at I am glued to my twitter feed by all the craziness that is happening in my city and everything is under devastating amounts of water. Not good!


 The big “lake” in the photo is where Patches and I normally run.

On Friday it rained so we spent most of the day inside but did take some dog walk breaks to the top of the river to see what was happening. It’s awful. Non-essential travel wasn’t recommended so we didn’t leave our neighbourhood.

Today was better – the sun shone for the most part and we left our neighbourhood for a very mosquito-y walk on Nose Hill Park. I’ve been in some buggy places but nothing has been as bad as it is here right now in a while. We spent more time alternating between watching twitter and walking to the river. After dinner Jon and I walked down to lower Montgomery to see how the river was there.


imageTonight it is still high but coming down. Evacuated residents in some parts of the city were allowed to return this evening (Brinkley got to go home!) but in lower Montgomery and across the river in Bowness water still covers a lot of properties. I think it’s going to be a long time before things resemble “normal” around here.


One thought on “What will it look like when the water goes down?

  1. Glad to know you are all safe, just waiting for word through Jessie about Loraine Tolman who last I saw was living just off the downtown in a basement suite, hopefully she is with her sister Rene in the north part of the city.

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