SWT Training Week #6

I’m not sure what happened to training week #5 – well, actually I think the flooding happened and we spent most of the week just hanging out.

Week #6 was better, the flooding went down and we returned to our “normal” routine. It was still June so I was figuring out my last week of work but I think that I did a better job of fitting in my training than I did in previous weeks.

Monday – run 4.5 miles, ride 11 miles
I split my run with 2 miles before breakfast and then another 2.5 miles after work with the dog. Poor Patches was so hot without his river that the run was pretty slow. After dinner Jon and I went for a ride to check out the pathways.

Tuesday – ultimate frisbee

Wednesday – run 1.25 miles
I had planned for more but somehow got really busy at school and just made it home in time to take Patches for a quick walk.

Thursday – run 3 miles
Patches and I fit in our run before school which meant I had time after work to get lots of errands done for our weekend adventures.

Friday – ride 12 miles
I rode down to “pick” Jon up from work – we got to ride home together which was nice and it was a hot, sunny day which made it even better.

Saturday – canoe trip!
I did a ~2 mile run and then a 6km hike plus some paddling.

Sunday – canoe trip!
More portaging and paddling for an active day.

Weekly totals: 8.75 miles of running, 23 miles of biking

Almost halfway through my training! I’m loving riding my bike, but with the hot weather it has been harder to run. My pool was closed because of flooding but now that it is back open my goal is to get there 5 days a week because I am still the most nervous about the swim portion. I am really loving training for a tri – having three different activities on the go makes it almost easier to train because if I don’t feel like doing one I can sub in something else.


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