SWT Training Week #7

This was really only a partial training week – we didn’t get back from our canoe trip until Tuesday night.

Monday – canoe trip

Tuesday – canoe trip

Wednesday – SWT brick workout #2 (7.5 mile ride, 3 mile run)
My second brick of the training cycle. I headed out on my bike to the library to renew my card and then took a tour through Bowness. I finished it with a slowish 3 mile run.

Thursday – 1km swim, 12 mile ride
I hit the pool for the first time in forever and was pleasantly surprised to find that I still knew how to swim. I did two sets of 500 m free – which made me feel more confident about my swimming but also reminded me I need to find a way to get my breathing under control.

I rode downtown to meet Jon for lunch and then rode home with a few stops along the way. I feel much better about my biking – I’m more confident on the roads and have (almost) lost my fear of my clips.

Friday – 12 mile ride
We rode down to a friend’s house in the pouring rain and then a few hours later we rode home. I found it tiring and I was a little sore from not wearing my cycling shorts on the previous day’s ride.

Saturday – rest
We did a variety of things around the yard and went stampeding.

Sunday – 3 mile run
Patches and I went for a run to test out the new triathlon shorts I bought.


We headed out on the trails that we used to always run and they are completely changed from the flooding. There is mud everywhere, trees are down across the trails and Patches’ swimming hole is just gone.



I am hopeful that it will return to “normal” some day but right now Patches and I are going to have to make some changes to where we run.

Weekly totals: 6 miles run, 31.5 miles biked and 1 swim session


I’m in the process of finishing my basement clean up so hopefully I have my home gym back up and running soon. I haven’t been lifting weights lately but I would really like to get back to it this summer while I have time. It is a lot to fit in but I do have some free time!


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