SWT Training Week #8

Being on vacation makes training so much easier! Next year I’m going to schedule all my serious training in July and August.

Monday – 4 mile run
Monday was cool and cloudy with occasional showers – perfect for running. Patches and I did a few miles together and then I headed out on my own.


Tuesday – 30 minute swim, 38 mile ride
I started the day off in the pool with some simple laddering – 400 m free, 300 m pull, 200 m free, 100 m pull and then a 50 m “cool off”.

I meet my friend later in the morning for what was supposed to be an easy ride to Chestermere Lake. Neither of us had ever been and with the flooding it took us a little navigation to get on the pathway we needed only to find ourselves blocked by train bridge construction. We had to retrace our route and start over. We’d already been out for over an hour by the time we actually got started and ran out of time to actually get all the way to Chestermere. It still was a great first “real” ride and given how hot it was I was happy that we were only out for 4 hours. The longer ride made me realize I need to buy cycling gloves ( I got some tender spots) and a jersey to store a few more items.


And then after all of my exercise I played ultimate in the evening!

Wednesday – rest
I was tired after 3 workouts and figured a day off couldn’t hurt.

Thursday – 2 mile run
Patches and I went for a morning run and somehow found ourselves in what was either a little use athletic park or an off leash area. It was spooky and we won’t go back there. I had hoped to go for a longer run later but somehow lost track of time and had to head to lawn bowling.

Friday – 30 minute swim, Brick #3 (12.75 mile ride and 3 mile run), 5.75 mile ride
It took a lot of convincing to get myself into the pool in the morning. I promised myself I wouldn’t have to swim all free style if I just got in the water – I ended up doing some free, some kicking, some pulling, a little breast stroke and some IM (without the fly – I’m still not sure that the general population is ready for that).

After I went for a walk with Patches and then headed out for an afternoon ride and run. I rode along the pathways and found myself very frustrated – time to find some new riding routes! I also had my first fall on my bike – I unclipped at the lights like usual but must have had my weight on the wrong side and just fell over. No major damage – just a little leg bruising but I’ll certainly have to be more careful!

In the evening I rode Jon’s bike downtown with panniers of food for a dinner together at his office. His commuter is a much smoother ride on the paths than my roadie and I enjoyed the ride a lot more than my earlier adventures.

Saturday – rest
My legs needed a break from the day before.

Sunday – swim drills
I finally made it back to my coached swim and got a nice workout in. A few pointers on my back kick and fly plus some challenging 100 m free style reps.

Weekly totals: 9 miles running, 3 swim sessions and 56.75 miles riding


Overall I’m very happy with my training this week. I need to get some more running miles in but I know that I’m going to have some time later where I won’t be able to bike or swim so I’m “loading up” on those sports right now.


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