A Ride to Chestermere and Some Homemade Protein Bars

Mer and I finally made it out to Chestermere after our failed attempt last week. It was much quicker since we knew where we were going – and we had a stiff tail wind. The path was nice and quiet and it was a good chance to visit. We parked our bikes at the lake and took a snack break.

I had made some homemade protein bars to test out on the ride – peanut butter bars and chocolate peanut raisin bars. I sampled the peanut butter and Mer had a chocolate peanut raisin.

I based my bars on recipes from Chocolate Covered Katie. I made her peanut butter protein bars with an additional 1/4 cup of rolled oats and a tbsp of ground flax. The chocolate peanut raisin bars came from her no-bake chocolate PB cookies and I added a scoop of protein powder.

Our field test showed that the chocolate raisin peanut bars hold up to the heat better but I like the taste of the peanut butter ones better. Both are good but the peanut butter one is just a little sweeter.

After our snack we headed home which was much slower than the way there. I blame the wind but I think part of it was our tired legs. My legs didn’t hurt (just tired) but my feet really hurt in my cycling shoes. I couldn’t wait to take them off when we got back to Mer’s.

Our total ride distance was different between my Strava app and Mer’s app but somewhere around the 70 km mark. Strava tells me it was about 3.5 hours of riding (a total of about 4 hours including breaks). My longest ride to date! Unfortunately while I sunscreened my face I forgot my legs and arms and now have a sharp tan line from my shorts.


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