Grassi Lakes (Again)

Our foray into the mountains today wasn’t a wild adventure, but just a pleasant outing – we returned to Grassi Lakes for nice walk with the dog and some friends. Until today Jon and I hadn’t been out to the mountains since our hike in October last year. This is a little surprising but we’ve been choosing to do other things on the weekends and some how it just ended up being July. Unlike our last visit the trail was almost a steady stream of people so it wasn’t a peaceful or quiet walk but the dog enjoyed himself and the distance and difficulty were perfect to leave him tired but not worn out.

Grassi Lakes 1

Even with the busy trail we made good time up the hill and were at the lakes in less than 45 minutes. Patches had a few moments of panic – he had to wade across a stream to avoid a bridge and he had a slight refusal at some stairs – but he made it up the “difficult” route in the lead.

It was very, very busy at the lakes with people everywhere but we stopped for a snack and to admire the lovely green colour of the water. Patches took a few swims in the lake and we enjoyed just being outside in the sunshine.

Grassi Lakes 2

Grassi Lakes 3

Like last time we took the easy way down and were back at the parking lot within 30 minutes. We’d had to park on the lot that was up on the Spray Lakes Rd. so we had another walk from the parking lot to our car but that only took us a few minutes more. The dog curled up in the backseat to nap on the way home and we headed back to Calgary. While not as long as our usual hikes, our little adventure was just enough to make me think that we should make the time to fit in a few more trips to the mountains before summer is over.


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