The First Honey of 2013

The other week we pulled off our first full honey super and on Saturday we were able to grab another 6 shallow and 2 deep frames of capped honey. Almost two full honey supers is enough to process so today we got out the spinner and set to work.

We are using the same honey extraction procedure that we used last year. We were quite pleased that our honey spinner seems to be working for another season. We had to make a few modifications to the pieces of wood that hold the frames since the new (but still old) honey frames we picked up this winter are a little wider. Another set of holes now means our spinner does both frames widths.


We also bought a proper honey gate (tap that allows honey to flow out of our bucket) which makes the process of getting filtered honey into jars much quicker! We’ve been spinning the honey, pouring it into a filter bag and then pouring it from a large bucket.


Our 13 frames gave us almost 15L of honey. Our kitchen has a thin film of sticky honey on it but it is worth it to have so much delicious honey already.



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