SWT Training Week #9

Monday – 4 mile run, 7.75 mile ride
My morning started with a run along the river and then rode down to meet Jon after work.

Tuesday – swim and ultimate frisbee
I swam 500 m free and then spent some time working on my back and breast stroke. We had a really quick ultimate game which made me wish I’d fit in a run during the day.

Wednesday – 3 mile run
Patches and I went along the river to try and figure out a new running route to replace our usual one.

Thursday – 42.5 mile ride
Rode out to Chestermere and then was exhausted!

Friday – 11 mile ride, Pilates
Rode to and from Pilates. We hadn’t been in a long time and I was very, very tired from the workout.

Saturday – hike
We walked to Grassi Lakes with the dog.

Sunday – swim
A bit of a shorter swim than normal but I worked on my flip turns and almost feel confident enough to try them at the pool.

Weekly totals: 7 miles run, 61.25 miles rode, 2 swim sessions, 1 Pilates

Really need to fit in more running between now and my tri. I’ve been collecting some transition tips over the past few weeks and hope to fit in a least 1 more brick before race day.


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