Riding the “Road to Nepal” and Hwy 549 Loop

Our ride this week was south of Calgary – starting at the intersection of Hwy 22x and 37 St SW and heading south towards Millarville. This map shows the route we took – about 55 km in total for about 2.5 hours of riding time. There is lots of parking at the hwy intersection.


The route is a lot of rolling hills. We started south on Hwy 773 (the “Road to Nepal”) and went up and down and then up and down. It is super pretty and despite hating going up (and down) it was fun. I’m not the type of person who loves speeding down hills but on this route where I could see everything ahead of me I found I enjoyed it.

After all of that climbing you end up heading west on Hwy 549. Navigation is quite easy – just stay on the paved highways and you’re probably going the right way. Along the way is the Millarville Christ Church – built with vertical log posts.


If you continue along Hwy 549 past the intersection with 192 St (where the route goes) an extra km or so you get to Hwy 22x and the Corner House Cafe. They are open for lunch and have tasty baked goods and cold drinks. We stopped and refuelled with carrot cake before finishing off our ride.


We peddled back to the intersection of 192 St and then headed north to 274 Ave. This is again up and down but not nearly as much as the first part of the ride. We saw some other cyclists doing the route the opposite direct but we we glad that we got the longer portion out of the way before our snack stop. And it is still really, really pretty.

image image image

You end up on Hwy 773 again for the last little bit home. We had a bit of a head wind but were enjoying the sunshine too much to really care. It turned out to be a pretty perfect ride – great distance, lovely scenery, snack break and just enough challenge to keep us occupied. I can’t wait to go back and ride some more later this summer!


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