SWT Training Week #10

This week went by quickly and probably wasn’t as good of training week as it should have been.

Monday – 6 mile ride, Pilates
I rode down to Pilates – she gave us a tough workout which included lots of squats.

Tuesday – 2.5 mile run + frisbee
A short run in the morning with the dog that ended with an iced coffee – perfect!

Wednesday – 30 minute swim
I did some free where I worked on my flip turns. Up until now I’ve been too terrified of failure to try them but I pulled off one very successful turn, two so-so and one complete fail. Then did some IM pull, some IM kick and then some full IM sets.

I don’t usually count my dog walks but Patches and I ended up on a 4 mile walk in the park which left us both pretty tired. We did see some beautiful wildflowers and spotted (our?) bees at work.

Thursday – 16 mile ride
I thought we were going to do our “big” weekly ride so I had a lazy morning and skipped the pool. But then the weather wasn’t agreeable and instead I biked downtown for lunch and shopping. Not a complete waste but not a big exercise day.

Friday – 32.5 mile ride + 6 mile ride
We rode the “Road to Nepal” – such a pretty ride! After a shower and dog walk I got on the bike again to meet people down town for drinks. It was not a happy ride but gave me a few more miles.

Saturday – rest
We ran a bunch of errands and got ready for our upcoming trip.

Sunday – rest
I knew after flying all night I wouldn’t have the energy for a run but we did lots of walking as
we toured St. John’s.
I’m on vacation now (yay!) and I’m hoping to up my running from what I have been doing? I love running in different cities so hopefully that motivates me to get out. Given how much fish and chips I plan to eat I am going to need those runs!


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