Newfoundland Travels – Hiking the East Coast Trail on the Brigus Head Path

One of our must-do activities on this trip was to hike on the East Coast Trail. The morning after our whale adventures we headed out from our cottage to cross it off the list. Cape Broyle area has lots of trail options but we chose to hike the Brigus Head Path which starts in Brigus South, just a 10 minute drive from our cottage and continues to the community of Admirals Cove. It was a great choice – the trail is gorgeous.

Brigus South is a super cute (and tiny) town. We parked near the cemetery by the harbour (it has a signed area for hiker parking) and then walked to the other side of harbour to get on the trail from Brigus South to Admirals Cove.

Brigus Harbour

Brigus South from the start of the trail

The trail is easy to follow, well maintained and has signs everywhere to mark the trail, identify the various coves and point out the viewing spots. There are lots of ups and downs but nothing is too large and there are lots of great views to keep your mind off any effort.

Some of the trail improvements

Brigus Head is about the halfway point to Admiral Cove and has beautiful forest and ocean views.


Brigus Head

image Happy hikers on the trail


From there we went to my favourite spot on the trail – the view point at Tar Cove (about 5 km along the trail). You can clamber out on to the rocks and enjoy beautiful ocean views. Here we watched whales frolicking and basked in the sunshine.

imageLooking down into Tar Cove

From Tar Cove we continued about 1 km further along the trail until we could spot the buildings at Admirals Cove and then decided to turn around before we got too tired. Luckily we went far enough to spot some sea otters playing in Cross Cove before we turned back


The view from our turn around point

The trails are set up to be town to town but we’d planned to do an out and back. We headed back the way we came, stopping to watch the whales again and to take in the view of the rock formation at Hares Ears Point.


Hares Ears formation

Once back in Brigus South (after just under four hours on the trail and about 12 km of hiking) we took one more short walk up to the lookout on the “island” on the harbour. We sat in the sun and looked out on the headland that we’d hiked earlier.

imageThe headland

Proof that the three of us were there

It was the perfect day to be out hiking – sunshine, beautiful views and whales! It was made even better with a post hike swim and dinner on the deck of the cottage when we returned to Horsechops.


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