Newfoundland Travels – Lighthouse Picnicking in Ferryland

After a beautiful day on The East Coast Trail we woke up to rain and fog on Wednesday morning. We had a lazy coffee at our cottage and then headed out despite the wet weather.

Our plan for the day was a picnic at the Ferryland Lighthouse. Ferryland is just a short drive away from Horsechops Pond so even with our late start we were at the base of the lighthouse road early. We had thought about wandering around Ferryland but with the rain we just headed up to the lighthouse. It is approximately 2 km into the lighthouse from the start of the road and while you can drive part of the way we chose to walk. It was soggy but still a pretty walk into the lighthouse.

imageToques and raincoats are must have travel accessories!

I made reservations for our lunch (recommended) so when we arrived at the lighthouse we just had to chose from the three lunch options (we all chose ham and Brie sandwiches). I had hoped to eat out on the lighthouse “lawn” but the weather just wasn’t in agreement. Instead we settled into the indoor picnic area with our sandwiches, salads and fresh lemonade.


Portion sizes are huge, and you also get to chose a homemade dessert to finish you meal (if you still have space).


After lunch we had time for a little wander around the light house and the area outside but since it was still cloudy and rainy the views were limited.




We didn’t linger long at the lighthouse with the weather but I can imagine on a sunny day it is a pleasant place to spend a few hours. They have nice looking picnic blankets and I’m sure when you can see it the coastline is lovely.

imageWhat we saw of the coastline on our way down

Even with the wet weather we all agreed that the picnic was a fun activity – rain is just something that happens when you travel on the coast and this is one activity that was still enjoyable (we also all agreed that hiking the East Coast Trail in the rain would have been less fun so our scheduling worked well).


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