Newfoundland Travels – Cape Spear National Historic Site

After all our fun in Cape Broyle it was time to return to St. John’s on Thursday for part 2 of our vacation. We picked up Ruben at the airport, grabbed a coffee at Post Espresso Bar and then headed to Cape Spear to check out the lighthouse and enjoy some incredible weather (a complete 180 from the day before).

imageCape Spear Lighthouses

Cape Spear is absolutely beautiful, especially on a hot sunny day. We paid our admission ($10 for a group of four) and then walked up to the lighthouses. Cape Spear has two lighthouses – a newer one (1950’s) and the restored original (1830’s).

imageThe newer lighthouse

The older lighthouse is the oldest surviving lighthouse in Newfoundland and has been set up as it might have been when it was built. You can tour inside the 1830’s lighthouse and we got a very informative introduction to the structure from the Parks Canada staff stationed there. An interesting fact about the lighthouse is that it was designed with fake windows to give the illusion of having windows but not freeze the poor lighthouse keeper.

imageThe older lighthouse, notice that 3 of the 5 windows are just painted on.

Besides the attraction of the lighthouses, Cape Spear is on the East Coast Trail and has spectacular coastal views. We hiked along the top for a while to admire the ocean and even got to see a few whales in the distance.

imageThe lovely coastline of Cape Spear

imageHaving a look out to sea

As well as having lighthouses, Cape Spear is also has some remains of fortifications from WWII and lays claim to being the most easterly piece of land in North America.

imageAs far east as you can go

With all these attractions (and sunshine) we ended up spending the better part of the afternoon at the site. You need a car to get there from St. John’s but it is a completely worthwhile half day trip out of the city!


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