Newfoundland Travels – Signal Hill Historic Site

On Friday we got lucky with the weather again (sunshine!) and headed to Signal Hill in St. John’s. We chose to walk up the road from our B and B to the site because it was such a lovely day and driving anywhere in St. John’s seems to take forever and require lots of Google mapping.

Our first stop on the way up was at the Geo Centre. We learned about traditional stonework in Newfoundland and brushed up on our local geology at their outdoor exhibits.

imageAn example of a typical historical fireplace.

imageGetting the lowdown on the pink conglomerate we’d seen at Cape Spear

Across the road from the Geo Centre is a short pathway that has a great view out over the harbour and some historical information.

imageSo many pretty boats

From the Geo Centre we continued up the road to the Signal Hill visitor centre. Here we were directed onto the gravel pathway that leads from the visitor centre to the Queen’s Battery and up to Cabot Tower. It is a much more pleasant walk than the road and the views of The Narrows from the Queen’s Battery are pretty nice.

imageLooking out to sea

Cabot Tower is at the top of the hill and you can go up into the tower for more views of the city. Inside the tower is also a very good display about the history of trans-Atlantic wireless communication.

imageCabot Tower

After all our work to get up, it was time to head down the hill. The North Head Path was recommended as the scenic way down and it did not disappoint. The trail has some significant elevation drops as it loops out towards the coastal cliffs before heading along The Narrows and finishing in the colourful streets of the Lower Battery.

imageThe path

imageThe Lower Battery

It was warm out when we finished so we continued our walk to the Rocket Bakery for refreshments and snacks. Our trip to Signal Hill left us pleasantly tired out and ready for some more relaxing activities in the city including a trip to the marine touch tank, lemon ice cream and pizza. Another completely successful day of Newfoundland travel!


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