Newfoundland Travels – Hiking on Fogo Island

(We arrived home today but I’ll still be sharing posts from our travels – we packed so much into our 10 days that I need more time to tell all our stories!)

There was a bit of a delay in getting to Fogo from Twillingate on Monday – the ferry was already over an hour behind schedule by the second run of the day and managed to really stretch out the length of the ride. But, given what we had heard from the locals about the ferry, we were happy that we made it to Fogo at all.

We have learned not to trust the weather in Newfoundland so given that it was cloudy but wasn’t raining when we arrived at our adorable rental house we immediately went out to explore in case things got rainy later. On my to-do list was to hike to Brimstone Head (one of the four corners of the earth if you believe it is flat) so we started with that. The trailhead was just down the road from our house so we walked to it and then started the short hike to the top of Brimstone.

imageWe all made it back without falling off the edge

The hike is only about 500 m (one way) but is up-hill. There are stairs for the steep parts and the rest is rocky. You get a nice view back towards the town of Fogo as you climb up.

imageThe cute town of Fogo from the trail to Brimstone Head

You can see all the way to the Change Islands from the top and we scanned the ocean to see if there was anything exciting out there.

imageUsing the monocular to see what is going on

Goal accomplished we headed back down to relax for a while.

imageOn our way back down

A few hours later it still wasn’t raining so we headed out for another hike. The trail to Fogo Head looked intriguing from the windows of our house so we started out from the southern trailhead which was close by and had a gentler accent to the lookout platforms.

imageThe trail up Fogo Head

The hike is quite short and can be done as a loop but we chose to do an out and back to avoid walking home along the road. It took us about an hour and a half to hike to the second lookout and back, including a detour to Muskrat Pond.

imageLooking towards Brimstone Head, Muskrat Pond and our tiny salt box house by the bay

imageAll of us enjoying a chilly break on a lookout platform

We had planned on hiking more on Fogo but the weather didn’t cooperate and we wore ourselves out with a bunch of other very enjoyable excursions instead.


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