Newfoundland Travels – Mussel Picking and Small Town Newfoundland

The final stop on our Newfoundland travels was the tiny town of Comfort Cove – home of our friend Justin who had agreed to entertain us for our last day before returning home. Comfort Cove is relatively close to Fogo so we caught the 7 am ferry from the island and were in Comfort Cove in time for lunch. I finally crossed “eat fish, chips, dressing and gravy” off my to-do list at the local food truck – it was delicious but with those portion sizes thank goodness I don’t eat like that all the time!

Even though we’d just eaten our weight in fish and chips it was time to load up the boat and head out for our afternoon adventure – beach cookout!

imageBoat ride

imageLeaving Comfort Cove

Our first task was to collect some food to eat. We waded out along the shore of our little island and filled some bags with fresh mussels.


imageWashing off my catch

imageOur future dinner

Soon we had a huge pile and it was time to cook them. Into the pot with some ocean water and onto our campfire.


I’ve never cooked mussels before but it isn’t that complicated. Once they had opened up we dumped out the pot and sat down on the beach to eat.

imageDelicious and fresh

imageThe aftermath of my eating

Definitely a unique experience for someone who didn’t grow up near the ocean – we do a lot of gathering around our place but never for seafood! After our beach picnic we got another Newfoundland only experience – being “screeched in”. We all said the words, kissed the cod and had our screech.

imageThe cod

imageA little kiss

With our screech in we were able to cross everything (except eat a touton) off our to-do list. It was a pretty good way to end a pretty good trip!


2 thoughts on “Newfoundland Travels – Mussel Picking and Small Town Newfoundland

  1. I hope you enjoyed our little Island and sounds like you had a real Newfie experience. We are not a bad bunch and I love my home.

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